Welcome to ABCD: a powerful suite for libraries

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ABCD is Free and Open Source Software designed to support knowledge communities.
The software targets libraries of universities and research institutes, as well as smaller public libraries, documentation centres, archives and museums.

ABCD is a suite of several unified programs for various purposes.
ABCD’s technology can be summarized as follows : fully web-based, ISIS-based, using PHP, IsisScript, JavaScript, multi-platform and multilingual.

The ISIS e-mail list

This list has more than 1500 members, most of them users of one of the many varieties of CDS/ISIS. You can ask questions of a quite general nature, but also specific questions about ABCD. Possibly you will get the answer in some language.

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Contributions welcome!

You can contribute by translating the documentation into your language, helping to test the system, suggesting changes to the code. Just create an account on Github.

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You can access the ABCD to find out more. See our demo installation. Many of the features are not active because this installation goes through frequent updates, but to get an overview of the system it is quite useful

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